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Our team of professional and competent native speakers offers high quality translations of technical instructions, research work, literature, business reports and other corporate documents, advertising material, press releases, as well as localisation services.

We ensure consistency of your translations over the years. Extensive documents are translated and kept up to date with the help of a Translation Memory Systems using, of course, the customer's terminology. If desired, a glossary can also be created.

Our translations are always proofread by a second translator to ensure the highest quality possible.

Our flexibility and diversity allows us to cover many areas of business which include:

-  Technology and IT
-  Legislation
-  Economics and management
-  Marketing and communication
-  Medical and pharmaceutical industries
-  Tourism and wellness
-  Art and culture

You can rely on ÜDB when you expect more from your translation than a text in a foreign language, because for us a text is more than just the words it encloses.

"Every communication has a content and a relationship aspect such that the latter defines the former and is therefore metacommunication."

© P. Watzlawick; 2nd axiom of communication

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We assist you in bilingual or multilingual negotiations, conferences, presentations, speeches and other similar projects.

Interpreting assignments require professional preparation. Topic-related documents (speeches, agendas and schedules as well as all documents and handouts given to the participants) are consulted prior to the assignment.

Interpreting assignments are to be commissioned at least 2 weeks in advance. Cancellations on short notice may be invoiced.

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We also provide quick translations on short notice (e.g. foreign-language responses to your homepage).

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Because you don't always get the quality desired at first hand, we will gladley revise your translated texts.

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Misunderstandings due to cultural differences are not unusual in an ever-growing Europe. Marketing, for instance, is a field in which it is necessary to know and use idioms and expressions corresponding to the country. Take advantage of the country-specific knowledge of our native speakers for your success abroad!

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Whether company training or private lessons: Our native speakers offer individual trainings and classes tailored to your needs and knowledge.

Our methodology guarantees the fastest progress possible by acquiring knowledge outside the dull school atmosphere.

The quality assurance measures applied to our language trainings are the same as those used in postgraduate programs at numerous universities.

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We know first-hand that companies' needs are as individual as the companies themselves. Therefore, we offer a variety of Special Features to better suit your needs:
- Foreign-language communication with clients according to your instructions
- Support in your search of a business partner in France, England, Spain, Canada and Germany
- Taking in charge initial contacts in foreign languages on your behalf, for instance with potential clients and authorities.
We look forward to your inquiries.

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